Baking The Explore It! Way

It’s no secret that I love our cooking classes.

As someone who went to chef school myself, I take great pride in our cooking and baking classes – they are jammed full of fantastic learning opportunities, as well as really tasty treats! I was brought up with a “get in the kitchen and try” mentality – which is something we want to encourage in our students. The kitchen isn’t a place to be afraid of – it’s a place to create and experiment and dream!


All of our instructors are incredible (I wish I could blog about all of them!) – but when Annika started teaching with us, we knew we had found someone really special. Having studied pastry arts in the south of France – she certainly has the credentials to wow your taste buds with her confections – but she’s more than that. She plans each lesson methodically and spends what I can only assume are countless hours before class prepping ingredients, mixes, and dough for her students to learn from. She is able to get all children involved in every aspect of each class – and they love what they create.

I visited her last class at the Bishop Strachan School in the fall and was amazed by the term’s work. In a typical children’s cooking class (not in ours mind you!) you’ll see the common kid-confections – chocolate chip cookies and countless versions of rice crispy bars. Not in Annika’s baking class. Her students were taught to make (to name just a few) Apple Brownies, Cinnamon Buns, Pumpkin Fudge and Gingerbread cookies. They made everything from scratch and learned about advanced techniques like working with bread dough, using a double boiler and decorating with pastry bags and tips – and they loved every second of it!

Way to go Annika – we’re really impressed with your ability to deliver such substantial programming to the Explore It! students. We can’t wait to see what you come up with next!


If you’d like to take a look at some of Annika’s recipes from her term at BSS, you can download them here:

BSS Baking Cookbook