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Adventures at Hogwarts

Grade 2 – 6

Hop on the Hogwarts express and step inside a world where magic is real! In this fun program we’ll do as Harry, Hermione, Ron and Ginny do… we’ll discover our wands and learn magic spells, we’ll make chocolate frogs and explore science and potions, we’ll follow a Marauder’s Map and engineer escapes, and we’ll even play Quidditch! Ditch those muggle duds and get ready for your cape… The sorting hat is coming your way!


Fairytale Adventures

Grade JK – SK

Have you always wanted to be like the daring Rapunzel, adventurous Cinderella, or courageous Peter Pan in your very own fairy tale? This is your chance! In Fairy Tale Adventures, we will explore the plot and characters of a new fairy tale each week. Using costumes, games, activities and a little imagination, students will become a part of the story – re-creating it with their own twists! We will even perform songs and dances to really dig into the spirit of the story. Let’s go on an adventure!


Homemade Gifts

Grade 1 – 4

“Made with Love” craft and gifts are a growing trend, yet you don’t have to be a Pinterest connoisseur to make spectacular crafts to enjoy or gifts for your loved ones! In this program, we will make unique gifts that you can give to your family and friends (or even keep for yourself!). From spa treatments to edible treats and artsy crafts, you will learn how to make it all! Join us in DIY Craft Club and get ready to give the best holiday and birthday presents EVER!


LEGO Adventures

Grade JK – SK

Spark your LEGO®-imagination and get ready for your next big adventure! In LEGO® Adventure, students will explore the wide-range of activities that LEGO® has to offer. They will learn to build everything from trains and airplanes to cities and faraway lands, while working independently as well as on team builds. Whether you’ve never picked up a LEGO® brick or have been building for years, LEGO® Adventure will bring you to the next level!


LEGO Engineers

Grade 1 – 3

It’s time to create wacky projects that spin, stretch or spring into action- all by reacting to each other! Take your LEGO® knowledge up a notch, learning new building techniques for diverse LEGO® contraptions. Then, use these contraptions for elaborate chain reactions that swing, bounce or recoil in ways that only LEGO® bricks can! How complex a reaction can you create?


Magical Magicians

Grade 1 – 3

Abracadbra! Join us to explore the mystical world of magical arts and theatricality. Magic offers amazement, excitement and mystery, but it must also entertain those you are performing for. You may already know a simple card trick or two – but can you make it come to life onstage? With us, you’ll learn loads of tricks – maybe how to make cards appear, coins disappear or read people’s minds – but we’ll also teach you how to entertain a crowd! If you’ve always wanted to get onstage and mystify an audience, this is the program for you! Join us for a truly magical experience!


Musical Theatre : Jukebox Revue

Grade 1 – 6

Are you a budding dancer, fledgling performer, or promising singer? Join us in Musical Theatre and explore all of your talents! In this multidisciplinary program, students will explore the many-faceted world of musical theatre and the performing arts. In this program, we will focus on the best songs from hit Broadway shows through the years – songs that made it big on the pop charts and then found renewed success on Broadway! From chorus lines to jazz hands, dance breaks and dazzling costumes – truly – what could be more amazing than a musical?!


Roar, Roar, Dinosaur!

Grade JK – SK

What would our world be like if Dinosaurs still walked among us? This program gives students the opportunity to learn about some of nature’s greatest reptiles, unlocking their ancient secrets and bringing them to life. Students will work together to discover how these fascinating creatures lived millions of years ago. Tyrannosaurus Rex or Pterodactyl; Brontosaurus or Velociraptor – who would you like to meet?