Camp Life is a Beach!

love-summerLife is a Beach!

Time is FLYING at Camp this year with beautiful, warm, sunny mornings and long afternoons spent in the great outdoors, doing crafts with new friends and swimming, swimming, swimming! Week 3 and 4 of Wonder Camp were an absolute blast… check out what we got up to here:


Week 3 at Wonder Camp was Beach Week and really — what could be better? There were boat building workshops and buoyancy tests, ocean themed yoga sessions, beach games, salt dough star fish creations, sea creature stuffies, pirate ship activities, an afternoon full of Survivor challenges and of course – multiple Tiki parties! There were no limits but those of our own imaginations at Beach Week and the team fully embraced the notion of summer-to-the-max. By the end of the week we were all proudly wearing our luau shirts, engaging in impromptu dance parties and soaking up the hot hot sun.

In our Visual Arts Workshop, Gina created beautiful water colour jellyfish with the Little Wonders and some one-of-a-kind octopus stuffies with the Big Wonders. The artistry of this group was amazing, with bags of hand made art pieces all proudly heading home at the end of the week.

In the Culinary Arts Workshop, Shiyomi lead all the campers through ice cream making in our little “backyard”. We shook and sloshed and shimmied, making our small batch ice cream from scratch before sitting down to enjoy. There were murmurs of “best ice cream ever” heard among the group. Make it at home and see what we’re talking about!!

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 2.18.32 PM

Maggie and Gina worked together in our Science and Tech Workshop to Explore the scientific principals of displacement and gravity made famous by Archimedes and Newton. When science is this much fun, everyone is engaged… who doesn’t love to jump in a bucket of water and yell “Eureka!!”??

In our Performing Arts Workshop, Shiyomi worked with our campers to learn beach-themed songs. They performed for each other at the end of the week — the Little Wonders with “Baby Shark” and the Big Wonders with “Down By The Bay” including their own original lyrics and rhymes.


wild-wild-westWeek 4 at Wonder Camp was Wild Wild West themed and we got WILD! We started by getting to know the group – creating our own cowboy names and “Wanted” posters which we proudly hung on the wall. From there we created cactus stuffies, went cowboy bowling, played wild west themed theatre games, went on scavenger hunts, read books, played outdoor games, learned camp songs and cooled off with water balloon games and challenges. There’s a little bit of the “old west” in all of us and we were sure to bring out the cow-boy and girl in everyone this week!

In our Visual Arts Workshop, Gina lead the Little Wonders through the theories of pointillism by creating beautiful mandalas for all. The Big Wonders spent some time Exploring Matisse by painting with scissors and creating beautiful mosaic, collage based art pieces.

In the Culinary Arts Workshop, we made Sweet and Salty Cowboy Cookies with our Little Wonders and let the Big Wonders stretch their culinary arms a bit — manipulating the recipe by choosing what ingredients to add… Did someone say cookie competition?!? I’m there!

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 2.18.44 PM

In our Science and Tech Workshop, the Little Wonders Explored some of the many uses of LEGO, creating, testing and re-creating unique maze runs for each other. Our Big Wonders Explored robotics, building their own dancing, drawing Bots… yes – they move and draw all on their own! Wow. ‘Nuff said.

In reviewing the week, our Instructors remarked on the pure magic in the Performing Arts Workshop, where our Little Wonders learned I’m A Little Cowboy (complete with actions!) and our Big Wonders split into two groups to write, direct and perform their own original Wild West plays (complete with sets and props!). Both groups performed for each other at the end of the week and could not have done a better job. We’re so proud!


• • •

So… we’re on to the second half of summer now — I’m not sure how it’s moving so fast, but these warm days just seem to string together so easily with smores, swimming and sun-filled afternoons… we’re just along for the ride and hoping to take as much in as we can. Happy Summer everyone!!