Chloe’s Story

Here at Explore It! we know that our success depends on our instructors. We have high expectations for them, and rightly so – working with children, especially in fun extra curricular activities – is a privilege and an honor. It always means so much to us when a story like the one below crosses our desks.

Shirin is one of our incredibly talented instructors, who specializes in both Visual Arts and French Language programming. She brought Chloe’s story to us last term, after teaching her in our Jr. French program. Chloe’s story is an inspiration to our company – teaching us to always strive for a connection between our instructor and their students so strong that young minds can develop their passions and explore their talents.

Way to go Chloe and Shirin – keep up the great work!


From Shirin; Chloe’s Story:

In my program this term, my students have asked me if I make my own materials (as I show up each week with many different tricks and tools to make the learning fun!). I said I’m an artist and I make everything myself, to which Chloe became very interested – telling me that she also is an artist. I told her I’d love to see her work if she wanted.

Yesterday she came to class and told me she forgot to bring her painting. I couldn’t let her leave the classroom without supervision, and she became sad. She didn’t participate in any activities like she usually does.

I realized it was more important to her than I imagined, so I approached her to talk about it. I explained that we could go to her class when Jr. French was over, but that it would mean she would have to give up her outdoor recess following class. She didn’t mind.

After the class, we went up to her room and she gave me this painting. It was not just a regular painting, it was specially made for me and it’s all about French!! That was the happiest moment of my day yesterday 🙂