Craft Your Own Super Cool Jewelry!

Crafting with children is a fantastic way to foster a creative and relaxed atmosphere where little ones can express themselves through art. I can remember long summer days at the cottage focusing on one craft after the next – from painting on birch bark to sewing cross stitch and beading hand-made jewelry. This term, we ran a Jewelry Making program at Jesse Ketchum Public School for a small group of grade 1 to 3 students and had a fantastic time making some one-of-a-kind wearable art!

Take a look to see the work our instructor Jeanette did with her group and for directions to make your own Safety Pin Bracelets – a project perfectly suited to some March Break fun!


Safety Pin Bracelets


• Have 50 safety pins of the same size (more if for an adult)

• Fill each pin with beads, threading them onto the open side of a pin.

• Line the pins up on your work table in any pattern you desire.

• Thread elastic jewelry string through the small ring at the bottom of each pin. (doubling the string makes it extra sturdy).

• Tie the string in a double knot so one end of the bracelet is in a full circle. Secure knot with some fast-drying glue.

• Thread elastic jewelry string through small hole in the fastener end of the pins.

• Tie the string in a double knot so both bracelet edges are in complete circles. Secure knot with fast drying glue.


• Wear with pride!