Crafty Countdown

While our Explore It! students may be enjoying the holidays, some parents might be counting down the days till they’re back at school (only 3 days away!!!).  Here are some fun crafty ideas to keep those days filled, and those creative juices flowing when the power goes out, and the it’s too cold to go tobogganing.  And remember, these crafts don’t need to be difficult or too complicated. Sometimes, a whole afternoon can be filled with just some paper and markers! Crafting is all about thinking outside the box, and using what you already have – your sweet, creative brain – to have some fun-filled times. So make your self some coco, bundle up in a wooly blanket (or some Swants), and craft away the days until it’s back to school, and back to  fun with Explore It! programs.

Winter Wonderland

This winter wonderland is created completely with recyclable items! If you wanna make it fancy, just paint them and cover the whole thing with glitter and cotton balls. If you want to keep it simple, hours can still be filled by bringing the town to life with people, roads and town centres, even a city directory! Who know, we might have a little urban planner in our midsts.



Crafty Cookies Cookies

Even if you didn’t leave cookies for Santa, everyone loves tasty treats around the holidays. These creative decorating ideas will make you laugh out loud!

Check out these recipes, and more fun, simple treats, here, and on our pinterest page.


Rosemary Wreath824cebd1a4d6e31790c56761fa70e0e8

My favourite part of the holidays is the excuse to make tasty tasty meals that you can share with friends and the fam. The second I smell rosemary, I know that it’s the holliday season. This cute and simple wreath will fill your day with great smells, and happy vibes.








Edible Snowflakes3a2eaf46d54d065cbe2cec02b4ca2b0d

This is a simple and fun activity. You can do this with almost any left over dry cereal. This is with honey comb, but you can do it withmarshmellows, pasta. Shreddies, you name it! And the best part, is youcan eat them when your parents aren’t looking!






Reindeer Puppetsa29791a60fcab165834f202502e345a9

The best part about making crafty puppets is that you et to give them names, charcaters, back stories after your done! This is the perfect craft for the burgeoning performer in the family. Make them, then play and perform all afternoon!




All the Other Reindeer Gamesd45ec6d475734a013ef6234986c848d1

This is another craft that will occupy hours of fun. Make the pins, (and even the ball if you’re feeling ambitious) then spend the day knocking down snowmen!








Not a Creature was Stirring…fd7ed11f113600e443df28f1c7c13804

Except for this mouse. And who could blame it! It’s cute, creative, and filled with Candy canes! Made with felt, googley eyes, and a whole lot of love.









My all time favourite winter craft this year is swants. Sweater+pants. They are not only the coziest things ever, they are perfect for going under snowpants for all the outdoor shananaginas, or just lounging around the house, watching tv! And they are stylish too! And so so easy to make! I can’t tell you enough what a great gift and project this is. You gotta try it.