Desk To 5k

9559b33cf3dfd1fb2364897309f35716Running. It’s a very unique sport.  It’s solitary, but can be done with a partner or a group. It’s calming and meditative, though empowering and exhilarating. You can spend a fortune on gadgets and gizmos – or – just get out there with a perfectly worn in pair of trainers and go. Fast or slow. Short or long. Young or not-so-much. Running can be for everyone – the trick is just to get out there and explore your potential.


This fall we are excited to launch a new program (one of many!): our Desk To 5K Club. This is a program for all students – those who already love to be active as well as those who might need a little more convincing. We’re going to bring great team energy and spirit to the program and show children that – no matter their current fitness level – being active can be fun.


Running is more than just a way of getting – or staying – fit though. I believe it hold the keys to many very valuable life lessons as it is so symbolic of life. In running – as in life – you have to drive yourself to overcome obstacles you might feel you can’t. But then you find your inner strength, and realize you’re capable of so much more than you thought.


If you want to get your children running and active, why not book one of our Desk To 5k programs? Or any of our other fun, active and sporty options? Or – get moving WITH your children (novel idea eh?) by following this plan – a standard 5k trainer that we’ll be basing our own program on come fall.

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When in doubt – get out there and get active. It’s so much better than just sitting on the couch.


This will be the second year that we – Explore It! – will participate in the Toronto 5k in support of SickKids Foundation. It’s a terribly worthy cause and the fact that we can come together as a team to fundraise, exercise and celebrate is SO worth the effort on race day. Please support us if you can – every dollar counts!