Duct Tape Art

Duct Tape Art has become one of our most popular new programs this fall – and it’s no wonder why… you can do anything with the stuff!



It’s incredible what you can do with duct tape.  Weird, wonderful, beautiful, creative and even practical items made entirely of duct tape can be found trending the pinterest boards. Scholastic has suggested that duct tape is the perfect way to liven up an art class, and has dedicated an entire section of their website to duct tape art and lesson ideas. There are duct tape prom fashion competitions, and the celebs are even getting into it in a recent Project Runway episode. For any disbelievers out there – there are not one, but two Mythbusters episodes dedicated to what you can do with the sticky stuff.  It seems that if you can imagine it, you can make it with duct tape.

And this is what makes Duct Tape Art such a popular program: it’s versatility! Of our 6 duct tape classes this term, not one is the same as another. It’s also exemplary of the Explore It! way: we tailor make our programs to the students. We don’t come in with a set schedule, but prefer get to know the children in each class, and then build the program around their interests and experience. The versatility of duct tape mirrors the versatility of Explore It! programs and instructors. You could say we’re a bit like duct tape ourselves: practical, versatile, creative, and FUN!