Exploring Fun Fall Activities

It’s official. From the colour of the leaves, the crisp air and the faint smell of burning wood, fall is here. This is a great time of year for children.  Jumping in leaves, dressing up for Halloween, and lots of candy to boot, there’s nothing more fun than being a child in the fall. Perhaps it’s because I can’t [or shouldn’t?] go trick or treating anymore, but as an instructor I love Halloween or Fall themed crafts.

Here are some craft ideas to entertain and occupy for your children in the fall. Some of these are things we’ve done, others things we’d like to do, and some are just fun finds on our pinterest board.

Stuffed Animals

One of our most popular classes over the years has been Stuffed Animals.  We learn sowing skills, design, and make cute, cozie stuffie friends. These stuffed pumpkins are a wonderful quick activity for the fall.



Sweet Treats

We have MANY incredible cookies classes. Whether you’re sweet or savoury, have no cooking experience or are a master chef, there’s so much fun to be had cooking fun seasonal treats.



Duct Tape Art

One our most popular programs running this fall is Duct Tape Art! It’s incredible what you can do with this sticky stuff! Here is a fun halloween themed craft.



From our Cartooning and Art classes, to Animation and even Fashionable Crafts, our instructors may find these pumpkin stencils a useful and fun activity.




One of the most asked questions in classes these days is, “what are you going to be for Halloween”. Explore It! knows a thing or two about dressing up — in our Musical Theatre Program we have a ton of fun dressing up.

This great cat costume reminded me of our first show, Cats!