Ghost Hunters!

Annette Public School (and High Park Alternative – housed in the same building) has always held a special place in my heart. It’s in a beautiful area of Toronto, on a picturesque and quiet tree lined street; the staff are always welcoming and happy, and the children are smart, gentle and very interested in the projects we bring to them. When I started in this business years ago, it was the first school I visited – to teach a cooking class in their treasure of a family studies room – and it quickly became a school and a community I wanted to be a part of on a regular basis. Now that I run this business I can’t always teach as much as I’d like to, but I like to visit as often as I can and we always do our best to bring new and interesting programs to the students at Annette P.S. and High Park Alternative.

This past term, the Annette/High Park community got a real treat when our performing arts instructor Jasmine brought the Explore It! Movie Maker program to the school. With her support and guidance, the group created their own story, wrote the script, designed their costumes and props and acted in their own mini-movie. In just 7 weeks Jasmine took her group from wanna-be moviemakers to full-fledged writers, directors, camera people and actors. I think the final product is nothing short of genius. I adore the comedic moments they captured in their ghostly tale and I am enthralled by the cameos by several of the school’s teachers and their incredible vice-principle Miss Jacobs.

Check out their great work – I’m sure you’ll agree with the critics – it’s the Explore It! movie of the year!

A note from the program instructor, Jasmine Bowen:

“Making School Ghost Hunters was a great experience! The children were involved 100%, from the plot to the theme, lines, costumes, filming and directing. It truly is a movie that belongs to them! We had a great time, laughed a lot and explored our creativity to take it to new heights. The children and staff at High Park/Annette are truly an amazing bunch! (And are now Ghost-free!)”