Give Me S’More Please!

One of the best times for me – being a director of this wonderful company focused on children – is when I get the chance to sub for one of our instructors and “play” for an afternoon. When one of our star cooking instructors asked for a day off a few weeks back, I cleared my schedule and kept the day open – so I could teach it myself!


Cooking with children requires a special touch. You need those “mom eyes” in the back of your head to be able to manage the group; but you also need a relaxed attitude – because I guarantee that fingers will be licked and flour WILL fall on the floor! I recommend planning when cooking with children – if you have all your ingredients ready to me mixed, whipped and smashed and all your gadgets close at hand you’ll be able to find the kid in yourself and have fun with the experience. Just remember – there’s no harm in loving chocolate so much that you can’t resist licking it off your fingers, and sweeping the floor only takes a minute – so get in the kitchen and have some fun!


Tomorrow in Just Desserts we’ll be experimenting with my all time favorite treat – S’mores to make S’more Pops… This is gonna be yummy!


S’More Pops

(thanks to The Family Kitchen)

To make s’mores on a stick you’ll need a bag of big marshmallows (or you could make them yourself, if you want to get all Martha about it), and some bamboo skewers.

Heat up a half cup of heavy cream, take it off the heat and stir in a cup or two of chocolate chips – measurements don’t need to be accurate here. Let it sit until the chocolate melts, then stir until smooth. Dip your marshmallows, holding them by their sticks.

Have a shallow dish of graham crumbs ready and dip them again – this completes the s’mores effect. You could of course do jimmies or sprinkles or chopped nuts or cookie crumbs to change things up. Set them stick-up on a platter or piece of waxed paper.

Let them sit at room temperature or refrigerate until set. (Of course, there’s no rule against serving them while the chocolate is still melty, either.)