Lucky to Explore

I feel like the luckiest person in the world.

This past June, I graduated from The Ryerson Theatre School with a degree in Performance Acting. While I knew I didn’t want to be an actor, exactly what I wanted to pour my time and energy into wasn’t yet clear.  I knew it would involve kids, and the arts, but beyond that it was a mystery. Fast forward 12 or so weeks, and I have just completed my first term with Explore It! I feel so lucky to have been able to teach 10 classes a week. Every day I get to swoop into schools and teach the fun stuff – everything from Make Your Own Stuffed Animals, and cooking classes, to science and Musical Theatre.

Over the holidays, I will definitely be missing those kids. Their wonder, support of each other and creativity blew me away every day.  For instance, in my Make Your Own Stuffed Animals program, very few students had ever picked up a needle and thread before. By the end of eight weeks, every student had designed and constructed multiple stuffed animals. Students were eager to drop their own work to help each other tie a knot, cut a thread, or offer advice on how large to make a bunny rabbit smile. Pictured here is a student’s snowman in progress!

In a kinder cooking class, students had lots of opportunities to practice self-control – as we were only allowed to enjoy the food when everyone was done cooking. When making buttercream icing, this was especially hard as the icing was so colourful, and they could guess how good it was going to taste. Children learned how to use piping bags to decorate rectangular sugar cookies to make them look like Aladdin’s magic flying carpet. Here is the recipe we used so you can try it with your kids this holiday break!


I love my job! I love that embedded in Explore It! classes are valuable life skills such as how to sew on buttons, and how to work together as a team. It is this, backed by the support provided by Liz, Randy, and the entire Explore It! team that make my job so rewarding.

Can’t wait to be back with the kids in 2017!

Happy Holidays!