Northlea P.S.

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We’re happy to be returning with our fun and educational programs at Northlea P.S. in the Fall 2019 Term! Program information is below.

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Adventures at Hogwarts

Grade 2 – 5

Hop on the Hogwarts express and step inside a world where magic is real! In this fun program we’ll do as Harry, Hermione, Ron and Ginny do… we’ll discover our wands and learn magic spells, we’ll make chocolate frogs and explore science and potions, we’ll follow a Marauder’s Map and engineer escapes, and we’ll even play Quidditch! Ditch those muggle duds and get ready for your cape… The sorting hat is coming your way!



Grades 1 – 4

From crazy concoctions to exploding creations, chemical reactions are all around us – but for many, the science behind these reactions remains a mystery. Join us in Chem-Mystery as we attempt to solve these chemistry mysteries! Students will learn about both physical and chemical reactions, and then explore the different facets of each. We might explore the marvels of bubbles, create elephant toothpaste, or create our own Oobleck and make it groove to a tune. Can you solve this Chem-Mystery?


Stuffed Minis & Plush Emojis

Grade 1 – 4

Imagine if all your stuffed animal friends had a “mini” to keep them company? In Stuffed Minis & Plush Emojis, we will learn to sew while creating miniature versions of our favourite stuffed animals and we’ll bring our favorite Emojis to life by crafting them info plush characters! This fun, hands on program allows students to complete projects quickly while also developing on basic sewing and crafting skills. Throughout the program, we will create brand-new, one-of-a-kind, miniature stuffies to hang on our backpacks, adorn our lunch bags and cuddle with our stuffed animal family! What new miniature characters will you take home?