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We’re happy to be returning with our fun and educational programs in the Spring 2020 Term! Program information is below.

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Fantastic Physics

Physics makes the world go around—literally. Learn the secrets of physics in this program, where we will build and design roller coasters, explore what makes a boat float, drop objects from way up high and more! Energy and motion take center stage in this “phantastically phun” physics based program!

Farm Fresh Cooking Club

Do you love to cook but crave a new challenge? Why not learn about the importance of locally-grown, in-season ingredients, and the joy of cooking your favourite treats – all from scratch? Farm Fresh is a unique cooking program with the goal of creating more discerning and knowledgeable chefs in the kitchen and beyond! Students will prepare a variety of recipes while improving basic kitchen skills and developing leadership both in- and outside the kitchen. Do you have what it takes to be a Farm Fresh Chef?

Note to parents: All Explore It! Culinary programs are 100% nut free and vegetarian friendly. It may not be possible to accommodate other allergies or dietary needs – please contact us for more information.

Splat! Exciting Artists

Join us in Exciting Artists and be amazed by the stories behind some of the greatest works of art of all time. Students will explore a variety of art techniques and expand their skills in drawing, painting, sculpture and more; using different mediums and finding inspiration in the great works of art from around the world. Kandinsky transformed music into paintings, Van Gogh risked everything for his art, and Michelangelo imagined heaven on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel… what will you create?

Stuffed Minis & Plush Emojis

Imagine if all your stuffed animal friends had a “mini” to keep them company? In Stuffed Minis & Plush Emojis, we will learn to sew while creating miniature versions of our favourite stuffed animals and we’ll bring our favorite Emojis to life by crafting them info plush characters! This fun, hands on program allows students to complete projects quickly while also developing on basic sewing and crafting skills. Throughout the program, we will create brand-new, one-of-a-kind, miniature stuffies to hang on our backpacks, adorn our lunch bags and cuddle with our stuffed animal family! What new miniature characters will you take home?