Brown Public School

Dear Brown P.S. Parents,

We’re happy to be offering more fun and educational eight week programs for the Spring 2017 term and look forward to seeing everyone again soon! Program information is below.

Please register using the “Register here” button below which will appear once the registration period begins.

An automatic registration confirmation will be emailed to you after you register. An update with program information will be emailed to you after registrations close and immediately before the programs begin.

Be sure to add the domain “” to your email white-list AND add the following email addresses to your list of safe email contacts; /

During your online registration you will have the option to make your program payment through PayPal with a credit card (Visa, MasterCard, etc.) OR by sending a cheque payable to Explore It! Inc. to the first class OR by sending an INTERAC e-transfer to Explore It! before the first class. Please note that HST will be charged on program fees.

Explore It! Instructors will pick up all JK and SK students from their classrooms at 3:10pm and walk them to our program space. Grade 1-6 students meet us in front of the school office at 3:15pm. Students are supervised at all times while in our care. All children in after school programs stay with us until signed out by a parent or designated adult or by Unicorn after care. Dismissal is at 4:15pm in front of the school office.

Registrations will close the week before the program start date OR when the program is full. Programs that do not receive the minimum number of registrations will be canceled in advance and you will have the option to switch to another program or receive a full refund. Click on the “Register” button to avoid disappointment!

As always, please feel free to contact our office with any questions you may have at;

Phone: 416-417-0477


*Note: After School Programs run from 3:10pm to 4:15pm


3D Art Lab

Grade 1 – 4

It’s time to move past two dimensional creations, into the realm of 3D! In 3D Art Lab, students will foster creativity through the creation of 3-dimensional art projects. Using materials such as clay, textiles, paper, and wire, students will create art through sculpture, jewelry making and other creative processes. Prominent and well-known artists, both past and present, will inspire each week’s theme. Get engaged in a new dimension of the art world, with 3D Art Lab!


Fantastic Beasts

Grade 1 – 3 

Hop on the Hogwarts express and step inside a world where magic is real! In this engaging program we explore the Magic of Hogwarts, learning the same lessons in Witchcraft and Wizardry that Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny did in school! Join us – for an indispensable introduction to the magical beasts of the wizarding world – from those familiar to all Potter enthusiasts  (the Hippogriff, the Basilisk, the Hungarian Horntail) to others that  will surprise even the most ardent amateur magizoologist. Discover these magical animals and take lessons in Wizardry this term in Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them!


Knitting Club

Grade 2 – 6 

Cozy circle scarves, comfy sweaters and warm woolen mittens are just a few of the wonderful items you can create once you know how to knit! This class is for any knitting enthusiast, both beginner and advanced. We will review the basics of knitting, from casting on to knit stitches to binding off, followed by creating multiple small projects to add to your woolen collection! We may even try our hand at other forms of knitting, such as finger knitting, arm knitting or peg knitting! It’s amazing what you can accomplish with some yarn and a few knitting needles!


LEGO Brick Masters

Grade 1 – 3 

Building boxed LEGO® projects is fun, but mastering your own creations and engineering your builds is even better! With hints and tips from LEGO® Masters, Brickmaster will help you to break the mold and design projects you’ve only dreamed of! Reach above and beyond to explore the possibilities of LEGO® outside of the instruction manual. The only limit in this hands-on, engineering based program is your imagination!


LEGO Space

Grade JK – SK 

Buckle up and get ready to launch into outer space – in LEGO® Space! In this engaging LEGO® program, students will explore the wonders of outer space while fostering creativity through LEGO® building. Each week will bring students to a new galaxy as they  learn about the planets, space travel, UFOs, alien life, living on the moon and so much more! Join us as we soar to infinity – and beyond!


Story Time Kitchen

Grade JK – SK 

Join with us in this yummy program where students will create tasty treats inspired by classic stories from the worlds of children’s literature and film. Jungle Book inspired fruit snakes, Queen of Heart tarts, Under the Sea mac and cheese and more! Your wish is our command on this creative and delicious cooking adventure!


Tasty Travels

Grade 1 – 3 

Join us as we explore cultures worldwide – through food! In Tasty Travels, we will travel around the world, sampling recipes from the corners of the globe, all from the comfort of our classroom! Students will learn cooking basics while exploring the diversity of cultures and the foods people eat in countries near and far. Best of all, we’ll get to sample our tasty treats each week! Check your bags at the door – a world of tasty creations await!