Brown Public School

Dear Brown P.S. Parents,

We’re happy to be offering more fun and educational programs in the Winter 2018 term and look forward to seeing everyone again soon! Program information is below.

Please register using the “Register” button below which will appear once the registration period begins.

An automatic registration confirmation will be emailed to you after you register. An update with program information will be emailed to you after registrations close and before the programs begin.

Be sure to add the domain “” to your email white-list AND add the following email addresses to your list of safe email contacts; /

During your online registration you will have the option to make your program payment through PayPal with a credit card (Visa, MasterCard, etc.) OR by sending an INTERAC e-transfer to Explore It! before the first class. Please note that HST will be charged on program fees.

Registrations will close one week before the programs start OR when the program is full. Click on the “Register” button to avoid disappointment!

Note that students in kindergarten will be picked up from their classrooms and walked to our programs when the final bell rings. We take attendance in all of our programs and remain with our students in after school programs until they are picked up at 4:15pm by an authorized adult or walked to aftercare.

Please feel free to contact our office with any questions you may have at;

Phone: 416-417-0477


Hogwarts Yoga for Young Wizards

Grade 1 – 4

Welcome to the Hogwarts School of Yoga for Young Wizards! Bend and stretch just like Harry and Hermione do in this engaging and physical program. Through individual exercise, team games and partner activities, students will explore yoga poses, transitions, breathing exercises, relaxation and meditation in a fun, safe setting. Can Dumbledore do a high lunge? Will Severus Snape find peace in tree pose? Can Harry discover focus and strength in eagle pose? Muggles and Wizards unite in Hogwarts Yoga!


Home Baked

Grade 1 – 4

Do you have a sweet tooth aching for freshly made yummies? In Home Baked, students will learn the importance of locally-grown, in-season ingredients as they create delicious desserts from scratch! Home Baked is a unique desserts program with the goal of creating more discerning and knowledgeable chefs in the kitchen and beyond. Satisfy that sweet tooth in Home Baked!


Story Time Kitchen

Grade JK – SK

Join with us in this yummy program where students will create tasty treats inspired by classic stories from the world of children’s literature and film. Jungle Book inspired fruit snakes, Queen of Heart tarts, Under the Sea mac and cheese and more! Your wish is our command on this creative and delicious cooking adventure!


Tasty Travels

Grade 1 – 4

Join us as we explore cultures worldwide – through food! In Tasty Travels, we will travel around the world, sampling recipes from the corners of the globe, all from the comfort of our classroom! Students will learn cooking basics while exploring the diversity of cultures and the foods people eat in countries near and far. Best of all, we’ll get to sample our tasty treats each week! Check your bags at the door – a world of tasty creations await!


Note that programs will close without notice when full.
Programs that do not receive a minimum number of registrations will be canceled.

Parents who register will receive an email update on the status
of the program with additional information before the start date.