John Fisher P.S.

Dear John Fisher Parents,

We’re happy to be offering more fun and educational programs in the Winter 2018 term and look forward to seeing everyone again soon! Program information is below.

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Registrations will close the week before the program start date OR when the program is full. Click on the “Register” button to avoid disappointment!

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Phone: 416-417-0477


3D Art Lab

Grade 1 – 4

It’s time to move past two dimensional creations, into the realm of 3D! In 3D Art Lab, students will foster creativity through the creation of 3-dimensional art projects. Using materials such as clay, textiles, paper, and wire, students will create art through sculpture, jewelry making and other creative processes. Prominent and well-known artists, both past and present, will inspire each week’s theme. Get engaged in a new dimension of the art world, with 3D Art Lab!



Hip Hop & Break Dance

Grade 1 – 4

Hip hop and breakdance are high energy, upbeat, street styles of movement that find their roots in styles such as jazz, rock dance, latin dance, gymnastic skills and martial arts. In this active program, students will explore the coolest dance moves around in a fun and supportive environment – first  learning basic breakdancing and hip hop moves, and then developing their own unique style. Dance like they do in all the hottest music videos!


LEGO Gizmos and Gears

Grade 1 – 3

It’s time to invent, construct, and create- with LEGO® Gizmos and Gears! In this fun program, students will take their LEGO® knowledge up a notch, learning how to build varied gears and mechanisms out of LEGO®, and then using those to create the coolest gizmos! Learn about aspects of mechanics such as speed, torque, and direction as you build from models, instructions, and your own imagination! What gizmo do you have waiting up your sleeve?



Unsolved Mysteries

Grade 2 – 6

Are you a fan of suspense who is ready to be the next great detective? Put your keen eye to the test in Unsolved Mysteries! Using mock scenarios, games, and experiments, students will hone their observational and interpersonal skills. They will also learn the secrets of forensic science, perhaps breaking codes, collecting evidence, or even fingerprinting! No crime will be too tough to crack when you’re done with Unsolved Mysteries!


Note that programs will close without notice when full.
Programs that do not receive a minimum number of registrations will be canceled.

Parents who register will receive an email update on the status
of the program with additional information before the start date.