Maurice Cody P.S.

Dear Maurice Cody Parents,

We’re happy to be offering more fun and educational programs in the Spring 2018 term and look forward to seeing everyone again soon! Program information is below.

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Chess : Level 1+

Grade 1 – 4

Explore the basics of chess with us. A game that has been around for more than 500 years. You and your opponent are each in charge of an army. Your goal: to catch the other army’s king (before they catch yours). When you have him cornered and he can no longer escape, it’s called “checkmate,” and you win! Join us to learn all about Kings, Queens, Rooks and more.

Note to Parents: This program is suitable for those who took Level 1 previously but are still learning. Students will be evaluated and those that are advanced will be offered a transfer to Level 2.


Chess : Level 2+

Grade 2 – 5

You know how to play chess but now it’s time to learn the strategies and tactics that will bring your game to the next level. We’ll explore the phases of the game and help you understand the move your opponent just made before you move. Have fun as you hone your moves along with us.


Craft Club

Grade 1 – 5

It’s time to get crafty in Craft Club, where students will foster creativity through the creation of 3-dimensional art and craft projects. Using materials such as clay, textiles, paper, and wire, students will create art through sculpture, weaving, collage and other creative processes. Get engaged in a new dimension of the art world, in Crafts Club!


Engineering Workshop

Grade 2 – 4

Become a “Maker” in our Engineering Workshop. This STEAM based program encourages curiosity and creative thinking through problem-solving, questions and hands-on experiments that explore art, science and more. Children don’t see lines between disciplines;rather, they notice interesting materials  and ideas that are worth exploring – and that’s exactly what we’ll do. This program is all about creative experiments that help children explore the world. Join us in Engineering Workshop this term to explore a world where Science, Technology and Art intersect – from Watercolour Explorations and Hanging Structures to Ramps and Marble Runs, we’ll Tinker with it all!


Fantasy Gamers

Grade 2 – 5

Get lost in the fantasy world of Dungeons and Dragons, Minecraft, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, and many more in Fantasy Gamers! In this unique program, we will play games, engage in role playing and compete together in challenges such as building a trebuchet, acquiring resources, measuring magic potions and battling ogres … Do you have with it takes to defend the realm?

Note to Parents: this program is designed to get students off their electronic devices 



Grade 1 – 3

Embrace your inner Jedi as we travel to realms far and wide, with LEGO®! In this unique LEGO® program, students will explore the Jedi’s world using LEGO®. They will engage in building projects both independently and as teams, learning about important Jedi facts such as outer space, space travel and galaxies far, far away. Do or do not- there is no try- in Jedi LEGO®!


LEGO Robotics

Grade 3 – 5

Imagine if robots could do your homework, wash the dishes or clean your room for you! Today’s fast-paced, ever-changing technology means that robots have a growing place among us. In LEGO® Robotics, you will get the chance to design, build, test and program robots of your very own. Explore the challenges facing today’s scientists and engineers by using math and science concepts to build real-life LEGO® robots using the MINDSTORMS EV3® technology. What kind of robot will you create?


Quick Draw Kid

Grade 1 – 3

Are you always drawing pictures or doodling in your notebook? Join us in Quick Draw Kid and hone those skills after school! In this fun and imaginative program, we’ll create quick-and-easy sketches, doodles and cartoons in no time at all! With  a comprehensive introduction to drawing and cartooning, Quick Draw Kid will allow students to recreate famous cartoon characters or create their own! Whether it’s morning, evening or high noon, it’s always time to draw!