Maurice Cody P.S.

Dear Maurice Cody Parents,

We’re happy to be offering lunch programs in the Spring 2020 Term. Program information is below.

Please register using the large “Register” button which will appear once the registration period begins and will be removed when registrations close.

An automatic registration confirmation will be emailed to you after you register. An update with program information will be emailed to you after registrations close and immediately before the programs begin.

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During your online registration you will have the option to make your program payment with a credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Amex) or via your PayPal account or via Interac e-transfer. Program fees are listed on our registration site and HST is charged.

Registrations will close without notice before the program start date OR when a program is full. 

Note: Additional information will be sent via email before the first class.

Please  contact our office with any questions you may have at:


• Chess Mates Multilevel Players Club

Grade 1 – 5

Explore the exciting game  of chess with us! Chess is a game that has been around for more than 500 years… You and your opponent are each in charge of an army; your goal: to catch the other army’s king before they catch yours! Now is the time to learn the strategies and tactics that will bring this game to life. We’ll explore the phases of the game and help you understand the move your opponent just made before you make your game-changing moves! Have fun as you develop your game with us this term!

Note to Parents: While this program is suitable to those with little to no experience, older, intermediate and advanced players will also be challenged with tactics, strategy and gamesmanship. The game of chess is  rich in learning opportunities and great for developing social skills.


• Musical Theatre : Disney on Broadway

Grade 1 – 5

Join the Explore It! team for Musical Theatre and become a theatrical success! With a focus on the love of the performing arts, we will explore areas of singing, acting and dancing while rehearsing. Taking the size of the group into consideration, we will work with students according to their age and abilities to ensure appropriate attention is given to foster the development of both confidence and skills in this unique and powerful art form. For the Spring 2020 term, we will be performing Disney on Broadway — with  a focus on unique and inspiring songs from Disney shows on Broadway from the past, present and even future shows currently in production. Musical Theatre has it all — from chorus lines to jazz hands, dance breaks and dazzling costumes – truly – what could be more amazing than a musical?!


• Fantastic Physics STEAM Science

Grade 1 – 3

Physics makes the world go around—literally. Learn the secrets of physics in this program, where we will build and design roller coasters, explore what makes a boat float, drop objects from way up high and more! Energy and motion take center stage in this “phantastically phun” physics based program! 


• Stuffed Monsters Sewing Club

Grade 1 – 4

Teddy bears beware: stuffed monsters are taking over! We’re sure your toy box is already full of floppy-eared bunnies and cuddly teddy bears, so it’s time for fuzzy monsters to make an appearance! In this fun program, we’ll explore basic sewing techniques to create one-of-kind, specially made, stuffed monsters! We’ll help you design your new buddies, and then turn them from fabric and stuffing into fantastic new friends! From big monsters with 4 arms to tiny ones with 10 eyes, what kind of kooky creature will you create?