Spring Programs

Hello Explorers!

We’re excited to be offering exciting Programming and Workshops online for the Spring Term!

Participants will receive live instruction from our experienced Instructors and limited class sizes will allow students to meet new people and build friendships! Spaces are limited, register today to secure your spot. AND, follow us on Instagram – it’s the best way to stay in the loop with everything we’re doing!

Stay healthy – we hope to see you online soon!

Liz, Randy and the Explore It! team.


All programming details are in the schedule and program details below. All times are Eastern Standard Time (Toronto). Please note our online Terms and Conditions

Mondays : Disney Dance Crew with Kathryn

4:00 – 5:00pm  •  Grades 2+  •  $94.50 for the term or $14.50 per workshop

From Hip Hop and Street Style to Jazz and Lyrical, Disney Dance has it ALL. Pulling songs and inspiration from a variety of Disney hit movies and musicals each week, there’s no end to the magic we can create. Dance with us this term and perform for friends and family with all you’ve got!

Mondays : The Art of Drawing with Aaron

4:15 – 5:15pm  •  Grades 3+  •  $122.50 for the term or $18.50 per workshop

Anime to Zentangle and more in this engaging Fine Art program specifically designed for our older participants!

April 19 : Character Design : Turning simple shapes into our own unique set of characters.

April 26 : Perspectives : Learn to create interior and exterior backgrounds with all their perspectives!

May 3 : Comic Strips : Creating our own comic strips!

May 10 : Line Art : Drawing abstract line art and adding colour and flair!

May 17 : Who’s that Pokemon?! : Drawing and designing our own Pokemon characters!

May 31 : All things Superheros : Drawing and creating our own superheroes … or villains!

June 7 : Zentangle : Creating and drawing our own patterned zentangle art!

Tuesdays : Magical Magicians with Rebecca

4:15 – 5:15pm  •  Grades JK – 3  •  $140 for the term or $18.50 per workshop

Abracadbra! Join us to explore the mystical world of magical arts and theatricality. If you’ve always wanted to mystify an audience, this is the program for you. Join us for a truly magical experience!

April 20 : Paper Clip Tricks 

As we learn today’s trick, participants will be introduced to the confidence and showmanship of a magician. How do we use our voice and bodies to sell a trick?

April 27 : Vanishing Coin Trick 

Participants will develop a wow-worthy entrance and learn the vanishing coin trick!

May 4 : The Ripped Napkin 

Today we will learn and practice the ripped napkin trick – and the very important skill of misdirection.

May 11 : French Drop 

A slight of hand fan favorite, participants will learn how to transfer a coin from one hand to the other without the audience noticing. Participants will practice their skills of showmanship and misdirection.

May 18 : All the Aces 

Every magician needs a good card trick! During this session our participant magicians will practice how to make the aces in their deck magically rise to the top.

May 25 : Guess the Card 

This session will focus on how to engage with audience participation, as we practice a new card trick!

June 1 : Rehearsal 

All magicians who have participated in this program are invited to participate in a final magic show! This week we will take time to choose our favourite tricks and ready them for performance. 

June 8 : Live Zoom Performance!

For those who have participated in the program – we’ll present a LIVE performance on Zoom – invite your family to witness your magical talents!

Tuesdays : Babysitting Certificate with Sarah

4:30 – 5:30pm  •  Age 12+ in 2021  •  $160 for the certificate program

Are you ready to take on the responsibility of becoming a babysitter? Students of this course must be at least 12 years old or turning 12 within the calendar year. The program enables the students to demonstrate their capabilities and maturity by completing the course under the responsible direction of the instructor. Students must attend all sessions and establish a passing grade of 75 per cent on the final examination in order to receive their certificate.

Course content includes:

  • Becoming a successful babysitter
  • Caring for children from three months to school-aged
  • The behaviour and misbehaviour of children
  • Handling Emergencies
  • Caring for a sick or injured child
  • Prevention and basic First Aid

Wednesdays : So You Think You Can Dance! with Hayley

4:15 – 5:15pm  •  Grades JK – 2  •  $108 for the term or $14.50 per workshop

Dance with us – in a different style every week. From musical theatre to jazz and even hip hop and contemporary – we CAN dance it all!

April 21 : Hip Hop Fun!

April 28 : Jazzy Explorations!

May 5 : Ballroom Blitz!

May 12 : Prima Ballerinas!

May 19 : Bollywood Boogie!

May 26 : Choreographic Creations!

June 2 : Tap Tap Toes!

June 9 : Free Dance Fun!

Wednesdays : Nature STEAM Explorers with Rebecca

4:30 – 5:30pm  •  Grades 1 – 5  •  $140 for the term or $18.50 per workshop

An In- and Out-door Art and Science Program bringing nature into our explorations each and  every week!

NOTE : The weekly plans below serve as a guideline and may be rearranged based on weather as needed.

April 21 : Mighty Microscopes 

Get a closer look at some of the natural items found in your yard using your very own homemade microscope! Sharpen your observation skills – and your pencils! – as we practice sketching what we find. 

April 28 : Nature Rubbings 

During this lesson we will take rubbings using different materials and explore how to use these textures as we create mixed media art depicting our favourite animal friends.

May 5: Wild Wind 

Students will create their own anemometer and learn how these devices measure wind speed and direction in real weather stations. Week 4: Popped Bubble Art Exactly what it sounds like: We will make our own bubble solution, dye it with food colouring, and then work with the wind to see what whimsical designs we can create! 

May 12 : Popped Bubble Art 

Exactly what it sounds like: We will make our own bubble solution, dye it with food colouring, and then work with the wind to see what whimsical designs we can create! 

May 19 : Super Solar Ovens 

Harnessing the power of the sun, students will build their own solar ovens and try them out by cooking campfire-free s’mores! 

May 26 : Nature’s Palette

I spy with my little eye, something that is… Capture all the colours in your backyard as we experiment with natural dyeing.

June 2 : Chalk Rockets 

Chemical reactions + sidewalk chalk = tons of fun! Students will mix their own chalk solutions then discover how to use a chemical reaction to make their own rockets that will leave behind a beautiful burst of colour

June 9 : Catapult Painting 

An exciting twist on building catapults, we will use ours to create some amazing abstract art pieces. 

Thursdays : Creative Kids Yoga Fun with Liz

4:15 – 5:15pm  •  Grades 2 – 5  •  $70 for the term or $10.00 per workshop

A different theme each week – combining calming and strengthening yoga and fun dance and choreography to move and shake and create together!

Weekly themes may include:

  • Unicorn Yoga
  • Yoga-Pajama Party
  • Yoga Dance Flow and Fun
  • Yoga in Outer Space
  • Into the Woods
  • Yoga Love
  • Rainbow Yoga
  • Yoga-Olympians
  • Yoga Circus
  • Around the World with Yoga
  • … and much much more!

Thursdays : Technology in Art with Aaron

4:30 – 5:30pm  •  Grades 4+  •  $140 for the term or $18.50 per workshop

Digital Photography, Photo Creations, Digital Art and More!

April 22 : Macro Photography : Getting up close and personal with our subjects – taking photos!

April 29 : Nature Photography : Learning the rule of thirds and how to take the perfect shot!

May 6 : Action Photography : Capturing the exact and exciting moment!

May 13 : Cut & Paste : Learning the basics of photo editing!

May 20 : Multiplicity Photography (Taking Photos) : Setting up a Multiplicity Photograph by taking the best photos!

May 27 : Multiplicity Photography (Editing) : Using the photos we took, learn to edit a multiplicity photograph!

June 3 : Drawing with Light : Playing with light in photos!

June 10 : Drawing on Photos : Digitally drawing on our photos to create art!

Fridays : Creative Drawing with Mirka

4:15 – 5:15pm  •  Grades 1+  •  $140 for the term or $18.50 per workshop

Get CREATIVE with Mirka each week! Through active and engaging art-based games we’ll get our creative juices flowing – then we’ll learn to draw together! All new projects this term — if you’ve loved Mirka’s programs all year, this one is a sure bet! Come draw with us!

April 23 : Drawing Balloon Animals

In this workshop, participants will get an introduction to drawing three-dimensional shapes by creating highlights and shadows with coloured pencils. We will then draw some balloon animals, putting our newfound skills to the test!

April 30 : Your Superhero Self

In this introduction to cartooning, participants will get a chance to draw themselves as a superhero!

May 7 : The Great Wave

Inspired by the famous print by Japanese artist Hokusai, participants will draw a giant wave crashing down into the sea.

May 14 : Octopus Drawing

In this guided drawing of an octopus, participants will get an introduction to composition, texture drawing, and creating gradients with coloured pencil.

May 21 : The Grand Canyon

Inspired by the topography of rocky, desert landscapes, participants will draw a picture of a canyon.

May 28 : A Bug’s Point of View

In this lesson, participants will be challenged to explore the world from a different point of view– that of a teeny tiny insect in our gardens! We’ll use our perspective drawing skills to create an illustration of a human from a bug’s eye view.

June 4 : Lantern Drawing

Using our knowledge of gradients and the value scale, we’ll draw a series of colourful paper lanterns shining in the dark.

June 11 : Snake on a Branch

In this lesson we’ll learn how to draw a snake wrapped around a tree branch, and explore how we can combine pencil crayons and markers to create a beautiful coloured illustration.