Summer Bucket Lists

i love summerNo… Summer is not about to meet it’s maker – as a title like “Bucket List” might imply… But – we should all realize, fellow Canadians, that summer most definitely won’t last forever. Before we once again pull on our boots and sweaters and stand – looking out our windows saying sullenly “Winter Is Coming”, let’s make a pact to get outside and really – truly – enjoy what a beautiful country we have.

I think summer is a time to shake things up, do something daring and to try something new. But it’s also the time to spend hours sitting on a dock or to sleep the afternoon away in a sun-filled room. It’s a time for socializing and for retreating into oneself – for extroverted patio parties and introverted self-reflection. I think a Bucket List is a great idea to motivate us to both a) think outside our norm and b) do some things that make this summer truly memorable.

If you want to create your own Bucket List – or want to get the kiddos making their own – it’s as easy as taking the time to dream… and then writing it down. What excites you about summer? What have you always wanted to try or do? What did you LOVE about last summer and feel you MUST do again? I think the ritual of making a Bucket List with the family is a powerful motivator – maybe even better than those New Years resolutions that we break 3 days in… Because this is all about having fun, enjoying life and taking it all in… what could be better than that?


Want some inspiration? Check out these helpful sites:

What Kids Can Do – 2014 Summer Bucket Lists for Teens by Teens

I love – the following ideas:

  • Go an entire day without technology (or maybe even a week, or summer)
  • Tour your own city
  • Watch a sunrise
  • Collect your family’s history
  • Be a vegetarian for a week


Pinterest – Summer Bucket List

Just by searching Pinterest for “Summer Bucket List” ideas, you’ll come across a visual cornucopia of ideas. From sand volcanoes and monster truck painting to pet rocks and scavenger hunts – this just feels like my childhood… and I want to do it all again. Grab the kids and make a Bucket List board… it’ll be so inspiring!


photo 2 copyIn the spirit of Bucket Lists, we posted a blank page at our end-of-the-year company BBQ and asked all our instructors to tell us about their Summer Bucket List plans… It was a great way to bring us all together and will be fun to follow up on in the fall…








Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 12.47.28 PMAnd then I filled out my own Bucket List for this summer… take a look and then get working on your own!