The Wonders of Summer

Wonder Camp is a truly magical place. We Explore so much each week, from crafts to technology and we’ve been able to revel in the small joys of summer – from lying on the grass and impromptu dance parties to watching new friendships emerge among campers — ones we hope will last a lifetime.

Week 5 at Wonder Camp was Superheroes Week and with so many possibilities that we got right down to it. We made Superhero shields, drew our own comic book streams, explored resistance painting and got technical with LEGO Robotics. Campers, instructors and counselors alike were thrilled to create their own Superhero persona, developing their powers, their skills and – of course – their costumes. It was a great week, filled with sunshine and laughter – just as summer should be.

In our Visual Arts Workshop, the whole team worked together to Explore photography, creating story-telling vignettes with our Big Wonders and life sized mural art with our Little Wonders. We couldn’t be any more proud of how they turned out…

Our Instructors were so keen on the project – they even created their own photo vignettes!

In our Performing Arts Workshop, Darcy taught Superhero magic to our Little Wonders while the Big Wonders Explored dramatic art through improvisation techniques. The Little Wonders presented their tricks in a small performance at the end of the week to rave reviews!

In the Culinary Arts Workshop, we indulged in Super Powered Rainbow Rice Crispie Squares… check out the recipe here and make them at home… if you dare!

Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 11.08.40 AM

Finally, in our Science and Technology Workshop we kicked things up, Exploring gravity with our Little Wonders by building and testing parachutes and creating our own dancing vibrabots with our Big Wonders. What could be more Super?



Week 6 at Wonder Camp brought the theme of Halloween in July. This week had us super excited from the very beginning and could easily become a yearly staple in the Wonder Camp rotation. With the never-ending magic of zombie challenges, pom pom creatures, ghost stuffies, pumpkin paper mache and a Day of the Dead march – complete with festive hand made masks – why shouldn’t we celebrate Halloween twice a year?!? I say bring on the costumes and candy – let’s party like it’s October 31!

In our week 6 Visual Arts Workshop, our Little Wonders explored transformative art and line drawing techniques as well as conceptual planning by creating their own expanding monster puppets. Our Big Wonders got down and dirty (literally!), Exploring modern and abstract art through a team painting project with ping pong balls and marbles. Once done, we discussed the works of artists such as Pollock and Kandinsky!

In our Science and Technology Workshop our Little Wonders Explored Newtonian fluids and viscosity by making their own oozy ghost slime while the Big Wonders put their creative, problem-solving, thinking caps on to create their very own Rube Goldberg machines. Science Magic happened this week!

In our Performing Arts Workshop, Darcy taught our Little Wonders the Ghostbusters theme song as well as some fun Halloween numbers. They were such a talented group she was able to really dig in, teaching them multiple songs with actions and group parts. The Big Wonders busted out their cool moves – learning the choreography for Thriller (amazing!) and both groups performed for each other at the end of the week. We’re so proud!

In the Culinary Arts Workshop, we got into the Mexican Day of the Dead theme and made Guacamole and Pico de Gallo from scratch. Everyone agreed that a weekly chips-and-guac break should be instituted in every line of work!

Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 11.08.52 AM

Another fantastically Wonder-ful two weeks at Camp. With only four weeks left before we start thinking about Fall, we’re dedicated to making the most of what’s left of our summer. We can’t wait to see what comes next!