Towers of Cookies

One of the reasons I love my job is that I truly get to learn something new every day. Sometimes I’m doing research for course curriculums; sometimes I’m visiting one of our classes and learning from people teaching in their professional fields; sometimes I learn from our students; and sometimes – once in a while – I learn something where I didn’t expect I would. For example, from a Photographer teaching a Desserts class!

As a long time cooking instructor, I have my giant book of recipes that I know kids love, are easy to make, and take less than an hour start to finish. I’m always happy to share my resources when I send a new instructor into a cooking class, but of course, I encourage them to develop their own curriculum – so that they develop a real interest in what they are teaching. It was a lovely surprise this past week when our instructor, Georgia Kirkos, sent me photos of what she had done with the kids this past week.


Eifel Tower Cookies.


Brilliant. These cookies hit all the marks. Young children will get some basic cooking (and math too!) experience making their own icing and then can be creative little engineers building the sky-scraper of their dreams. The best part – they’re really yummy!

Way to go Georgia – these are spectacular. Parents: make them at home with your children this weekend… Just be prepared for the impending sugar rush as the icing hits their blood stream!