Upcoming Programs

Can you believe it’s already the end of November?! Many instructors are surprised by how quickly this term is flying by and to realize there is only a few weeks left until the final classes! It’s seems equally strange to be already thinking about next term, but our directors Randy and Liz are already gearing up for the winter semester – which they say is gonna be Epic!

One thing that makes us unique as a company is our flexibility (as I’ve discussed before) to adapt to our students. But we’re also unique, because we can run nearly any program imaginable. If your school has an idea for a program, we can write a curriculum, organize the supplies, contract the most knowledgable instructors and run it!  We say the same thing to our instructors: if you have an idea, pitch it, and we’ll do it! As a result, Explore It! programs are some of the most creative and diverse of any co-curricular or enrichment programming company. We don’t just do the arts, or sports, or science. We Explore It all.

Some of our brand new programs this year are a real reflection of our creativity and flexibility as a company and as a group of educators. Here’s a sneak peak at some of our unique programs that our students, parents, schools and instructors can look forward to:


Fashion Crafts

The Fashion Crafts program is not your normal, run of the mill Jewelry OR Arts and Crafts program. This is for those crafty pros who are looking to up their Do-It-Yourself skills in a fun, fashionable program. Students will make everything from purses, jewelry boxes and iPod cozies to hair clips and necklaces. Student in this program will learn basic sewing skills, some decorative embroidery, and other fabric arts skills to round out their jewellery box and closet!


Rainbow Loom-A-Palooza 

The rainbow loom craze has hit schools across the GTA. There were even articles in our Student Newspaper programs at John Fisher and Armour Heights this term. For those who don’t know — a Rainbow Loom is a kit for making colourful elastic bracelets, necklaces and other jewelry as well as key chains and large scale projects like purses and even sweaters! We will explore all we can do with rainbow loom in this program, and maybe even break the mold by creating our own looms and designs!


Sock Monkey Makers 

Need I say more? This timeless craft has endless possibilities! And sock monkeys are the CUTEST!


This incredible program is inspired by the famous percussion performance Stomp! which has wow-ed audiences on Broadway, the West End, and all over the world. What music can you create from movement, rhythm and everyday objects? This program will wow students and parents, and teach rhythm, music and movement skills.

Triple Threat 

So you think you can dance, and act, and sing? This program takes those triple threat students who will wow people with their multitalented skills. This is the program for the kid who wants to do it all and be it all. This program will challenge student, and get us up and about exploring our multiple talents in the performing arts.

MasterChef Kids

Based off the awesome TV show, not only does this program teach and build on basic cooking skills, this cooking program encourages our students to be creative and innovative with recipe ideas and to further develop their comfort level in the kitchen. They’ll be taking over dinner prep in no time – and creating tasty treats to boot!

Multi-Media Journalism

They say that print is dead. While our instructors in the Newspaper program would disagree, we decided to make a program that really followed where journalism is going. Looking at the different mediums of broadcast, print, online, and even social media, multi-media journalism will get kids chasing and telling news stories in new, varied and creative ways.

LEGO® Robotics

It doesn’t get much cooler than this. Lego® Robots! Working with the Lego® Mindstorms kits, we combined our love of Lego® and our deep interest in robots, and this is what happened. Nothing else to say about this program except that it’s off the charts AWESOME.


This new program is meant for our youngest students: all those JKs and SKs who just want to bend, jump, and climb like monkeys! Monkeynastics teaches the basics of gymnastics in a fun, safe, and wild way.

Duct Tape Art 

It’s incredible what you can do with duct tape. This is one of our most popular programs, and not one class is the same! There is just so much you can do with duct tape! In this program we’ll learn weird, wonderful practical things you can make with duct tape, from fashionable rings to toy boats.


This program is perfect for students who are interested in jumping into the prehistoric world of Dinosaurs! Students learn about dino facts in a fun, creative interactive way.