Why We Run

582104_384556311672769_1381286343_nOn Saturday, September 14th, Explore It! joined approximately 650 others in a 5 kilometre run to raise money for SickKids Foundation. Our first foray into the fundraising world was, no doubt, a successful one.

We met on the brisk morning, and ran from Sir Winston Churchill park,  down to Davenport, over to Christie and back up to St. Clair again. With the cars patiently waiting, and policemen, volunteers and locals cheering us on, it was quite simply, an inspiring event.

After the run, we all went for a celebratory breakfast. Director Liz described the sensation well: at about 3k, (which incidentally came right before the hill running north south on Christie) you wondered to yourself, “what on earth am I doing?”  None of us being ‘runners’ per se, this is certainly a question to be asked—why run a 5k?

But, as easily as that question comes to mind mid-run on a brisk September morning, it is just as easily answered at the end. It is not just the feeling of accomplishment as you cross the finish line, but the money, support and awareness we raised for SickKids. In the end:

Explore It! raised $916.55 for the SickKids Foundation!

And there’s no reason why that number can’t keep growing! You can still donate here.

Working with children everyday, this particular run seemed the perfect thing for Explore It! to participate in. While some of us are still nursing our untrained limbs,  we are already looking forward to the next run, the next charity.

As a growing company, we strive to not only teach, learn, and play, but to be invested the the community that is invested in us. We are invested in the kids, adults and communities who help make the GTA a more vibrant, and pleasant place to be.

This is why we ran last Saturday—for the charities and communities we are connected with today, and the ones we hope to meet tomorrow.