Wonder Wonder Wonder Camp!

13510976_943211315807263_796523519394981748_nWelcome to Wonder Camp!

Somehow it is already July 3 and we’re preparing to go into our 3rd week of Wonder Camp : 2016. I’m not sure how time moves so quickly in the summer – but we are certainly doing our very best to get our “money’s-worth” out of every last drop of sunshine! Here’s what went down over the first two weeks:


Week 1 at Wonder Camp arrived with a bang, and we took off – diving into the Wonderful World of Wizarding theme wholeheartedly. We paid our respects to the Sorting Hat, taking the Hogwarts House Quiz and were sorted into Gryffindor,  Hufflepuff,  Ravenclaw and  Slytherin for the week. We created our own Wild Wizard Names (to strengthen our powers of course!), crafted our own one-of-a-kind Magical Wands and Dragon Stuffies, and even learned about Herbology and Quidditch before enjoying hand-made Chocolate Frogs. A theme of Wizardry provided a truly magical backdrop for our first week at camp – what a blast!

Each week at Wonder Camp features (in addition to plenty active games, crafts and themed activities), a workshop in each of the areas of Culinary Arts, Performing Arts, Visual Arts and Science and Technology. In week one we Explored these exciting activities:

In our Culinary Arts Workshop, both the Little Wonders and the Big Wonders learned about the importance of eating locally by making homemade Strawberry Chia Seed Jam. It was delicious – here’s the recipe so you can try it at home!

Screen Shot 2016-07-02 at 9.49.51 AM

In the Performing Arts Workshop, the Little Wonders worked with Gina to create their own theatrical backdrop and sets and then to use their improvisational skills to perform a unique piece based on the Magical World of Harry Potter. The Big Wonders spent time with Mitch writing their own mini-drama, also based on Harry Potter and then performing it for all the Wonder Campers at the end of the week.

In the Visual Arts Workshop, our Little Wonders Explored colour, creating their own colour wheels with Gina while Mitch ventured into the Outdoor Classroom with the Big Wonders to sketch the lush nature that surrounds us at camp every day. Beautiful.

Finally, in the Science and Tech Workshop, all of our Wonder Campers Explored polymers by making their own Magical Slime! It was icky and sticky and so much fun!


What a week! On to Wonder Camp : Week 2 where – in honor of Canada Day, we celebrated all week with an O Canada! theme. We learned our Wonder Camp Cheer, got to know our new friends and engaged in some truly exciting activities such as: Exploring nature and gardening, building Aboriginal and First Nations structures, crafting beaver stuffies, competing in an Across Canada scavenger hunt (with a Niagara Falls water obstacle!) and creating beautiful leaf rubbings from the land around us. It was a truly patriotic week, but the fun didn’t stop there…

In the Science and Tech workshop, our Little Wonders learned about liquids and solids by making their own butter from scratch… then, to make it extra Canadian – we added a dash of maple syrup to make it really tasty! Our Big Wonders Explored the wonders of chemistry with various powders commonly found in the kitchen and their reactions to liquids such as water, lemon juice and vinegar… baking soda and vinegar is always a crowd pleasing favourite!

Screen Shot 2016-07-03 at 9.35.50 AM

In the Culinary Arts Workshop, our Little Wonders learned about different fruits and knife safety while making a giant fruit salad for everyone, and the Big Wonders came together to make scrumptious pancakes to enjoy with the fruit salad as well as the maple butter made the previous day. Yum, yum, yum!

Screen Shot 2016-07-03 at 9.35.38 AM

In our Visual Arts Workshop, the Little Wonders created beautiful terra cotta pinch pots with Gina while the Big Wonders Explored textile arts with Maggie, creating one-of-a-kind hand woven wall hangings. Beautiful!

Finally, in the Performing Arts Workshop, the Little Wonders learned about Canadian author Dennis Lee – leaning his famous poem, Alligator Pie and creating movement and gestures to compliment this fun piece. The Big Wonders Explored the magic of musical storytelling using traditional Canadian songs. Both groups performed for each other at the end of the week for a wonderful send off to the Canada Day long weekend.

Until next week – “always be on the lookout for the presence of wonder”!


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