What We Do

At Explore It! we’re thrilled to be able to help with all your programming and enrichment needs – from lunch time and after school programs to weekend workshops and even birthday parties and other special events. It is our goal in every program to enrich and encourage, allowing children to discover their passions and explore their talents.

In School Programming:

Our in-school programming runs throughout Toronto on a term-by-term basis with seven to thirteen-week terms in each of the fall, winter and spring seasons. Classes are typically one-hour in duration and are staffed by qualified and committed instructors. Explore It! is happy to manage all aspects of registration and programming, making the whole process as easy as possible for school administrators & coordinators as well as parents and students.

Performing Arts Programming:

We launched our Musical Theatre Programme in the fall of 2012 with immediate success. Through personal experience and education, along with our talented Instructors, we’ve been able to bring full-scale  productions to select schools and we’re proud to offer an experience that is unparalleled in the city today. From scripts and music to costumes, makeup and sets – we aim for a pre-professional theatrical experience; resulting in standing ovations and rave reviews every time!

Summer Camp:

Summer Camp with Explore It! is the epitome of the classic summer camp experience. Our days are filled with games and activities to encourage young learners to explore the world around them, and to get camper’s creative juices flowing. From traditional camp crafts and songs, to engaging in hands-on performing, visual arts and culinary workshops to super cool science experiments on a giant outdoor campus, our Summer Camp has it all.

Events and Parties:

With endless programming options and a roster of highly talented instructors, we can help make any event in your child’s life fun and exciting. We offer mini-programs, such as 90-minutes of yoga, hip hop, or jewelry-making for your child’s party, or workshops, such as a weekend photography or film-making program to allow your child to tap into their creative side. Whatever the passion or interest, we can suggest a fantastic solution to suit your needs and budget.