The Directors

Elizabeth Hamilton1379584_394909017304165_1145266801_n

After studying Fine Arts: Dance and Kinesiology at York University and then attending chef school, I became a Personal Trainer and certified Personal Chef and thoroughly enjoyed my work in the fitness industry — affecting lives for the better on a daily basis. My work with children however, has always been an area that  has provided me with endless joy. Whether I am getting kids active, seeing them discover their interests, or encouraging them to pursue their talents, I have found that children have an incredible capacity to learn; and can often teach me a thing or two!

I studied Early Childhood Education at George Brown College to better prepare myself for the demands of this company and I love incorporating the E.C.E. core values into everything we do. I love my job – and my passions soar when producing our main-stage musical theatre productions every year in schools around the city. I study from the best in New York City every year to bring the highest level of skill possible to our young performers. There’s nothing as amazing as a musical!

I have seen again and again that exploring our interests and finding our passions (be they fleeting, or life-long) gives us true “joie de vivre”. By diving into different sides of ourselves, I believe we develop self-confidence and self-worth, as well as individuality and independence. It is for these reasons, among many others, I am so happy to be co-directing at Explore It! Inc., where we hope to encourage all children in their amazing creativity and growth.

Randy DobsonBoatSMART

As a Political Science/Urban Studies graduate from York University, I am passionate about affecting our Canadian communities, social structure, and environment from the ground up. I see our children as the gateway to a positive and healthy today and tomorrow; and it is my hope that through programs such as ours, children will discover their interests and find a love for learning.

My experience working with children began early, as a camp councilor for the YMCA, and continued over the years in a variety of roles which have included being one of a select group of seasonal supervisors who helped open Canada’s Wonderland and acting as coordinator for the Mississauga International Children’s Festival. I’m very happy to be able to take my decades of experience and apply it to such a fun and worthwhile venture as Explore It! Inc.

I have been fortunate to have a lengthy and successful career in the business world working with Canadian companies in a variety of management roles. I believe my career has given me the tools and experience to help make Explore It! Inc. the best it can be. I find it truly fulfilling to assist our roster of qualified instructors as they help the children in our programs make their dreams a reality; it is rewarding to work with such talented and caring people who are so passionate about what they do!