Campers Explore!


Join Us At Wonder Camp!

Registrations are open and we can’t wait to get this summer started!


Want to have an incredible summer? Look no further – join us at Wonder Camp and have fun Exploring with us. We’ll do it all – from pirate dance parties in the forest, to  magnetic fishing derbies, and crab soccer with a ball that is bigger than you – what more could you want? S’mores camp-outs, gigantic bubble wands, water balloon tosses and outdoor blanket forts? Yup – we do that too. What are you waiting for? Sign up now!


Explore Science!

Experiments, discovery and creation have always been a core component of the Explore It! way. Over the summer we’ll build working catapults, design boats that support heavy weights without sinking and paper planes that soar. We’ll build ovens that work by the power of the sun, and make our own ice cream with chemical reactions. We’ll work together to design a way to keep an egg safe when dropped twenty feet; to raise a marshmallow as high as possible using only pasta, tape and string; and to build our own motorized dancing robots. If that doesn’t sound Wonder-ful, we’re not sure what would! Explore the wide world of science with us this summer in Wonder Camp!

Explore Cooking!

Summer camp with Explore It! is a delicious experience. With access to a working kitchen, campers learn to read recipes and to carefully measure ingredients while practicing food and kitchen safety. Together we’ll cook and bake some amazing treats, including brownies, cupcakes and cookies made from scratch, and we’ll learn how to make whipped cream and icing to decorate them. Events and challenges like the strawberry shortcake social, the Harry Potter birthday cupcake feast and the candy sushi contest will stretch campers’ culinary skills and palettes. Yum!

Explore Arts and Crafts!

What would summer camp be like without crafts? Our campers explore different media by drawing, painting, print–making, sewing and weaving to make so many amazingly creative projects. Through the process of discovery and investigation, campers mix their own colours, explore different methods and materials, and are exposed to the elements of design. Campers will stitch up their own stuffed creations using felt, buttons floss and fluff, weave their own fabric and amaze with their endless creativity.


Everything IS Awesome at Wonder Camp!

We’re busy planning – thinking about how to make things bigger, better and even more incredible this summer at Explore It! Wonder camp. Join us and Explore it all!

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