Explore With Us This School Year!

The pools have been drained, the Wonder Camp t-shirts have been folded and put away and the leaves are beginning to turn from green to gold. That can only mean one thing . . . it’s program time! Do your children spend their free time messing around with paint? Do they love to dance and sing? Do you always find them with their head buried in a book, or their hands buried in a bucket of Lego? Are they constantly trying to understand how things work? No matter what your children are passionate about Explore It! has an engaging, challenging and skill building program for them.

Explore It! has been an industry leader in extracurricular education for the past eleven years. Every instructor we employ is a highly trained individual with a love of learning and boundless curiosity. Each fall we re-train our existing staff alongside our new hires, allowing our senior staff members to help foster an environment of inclusivity and creativity and teach them the Explore It! way. At Explore It! we understand that our staff are one of our greatest assets. We give them the tools they need to succeed and they always take those tools, build on them and go the extra mile. All of our instructors are independent and self sufficient, placing as little burden on the schools as possible. From professional dancers, singers, writers and actors to art history and chemistry majors (and even certified teachers!) our instructors are highly qualified, inventive and enthusiastic about their subjects and their students.

At Explore It! we are a full service company. Schools can choose for us to handle every aspect of programming from planning, to registration, to program management. With our years of experience it’s a stream lined, convenient and professional way to have programming available in your school with minimal stress! In a world where students are increasingly staring at a screen, Explore It! teaches tactile skills that use all parts of the brain. Skills like cooking, sewing, dance, art, singing, logic and strategy. We want our students to engage with their imaginations and push themselves to create and experience new things. We are constantly refreshing our curriculums based on the most up to date data available. As a Ministry of Education and TDSB approved company it is of the utmost importance to us that our standards for our staff and our curriculum remain the highest in the industry.

In the tradition of constant innovation Explore It! is offering several new programs this fall:

For the aspiring chefs we have Dr. Seuss’s Kitchen and Celebrity Chef Kitchen. In Dr. Seuss’s Kitchen the love of reading and the love of cooking combine. Each week students will be exposed to the wacky world of Dr. Seuss through one of his iconic stories and a recipe sure to fire up their imaginations. Whether it’s rustling up some Who Hash or experimenting with Cat In The Hat Pizza, the students are sure to never be bored! In Celebrity Chef Kitchen our students will be learning from the greats. The curriculum is based on the knowledge and passion of some of the hottest names in the culinary world, including the science of food with Alton Brown, cultural fusion with Marcus Samuelsson, and the food revolution with Jamie Oliver!

For those who are always wondering about the world around them, we have (to name just a few!) NASA Adventures, Splat! Exciting Artists and Aspiring Architects. In NASA Adventures the students might just be able to answer the hot button question – is Pluto a planet? They will be exploring galaxies, constellations, comets and the extraterrestrial elements that surround us here on Earth. In Splat! Exciting Artists the students will be studying some of the greatest works of all time and discovering the stories behind them. Using these great works as a jumping off point students will be learning various techniques and expanding their practical skills as artists in a variety of mediums. Aspiring Architects helps build critical thinking as well as the tactile skills of design. Students will be taken through the process of planning and designing their own building from free hand drawing all the way to a model construction.

And of course a new school year wouldn’t be complete without a new theatre program. Getting up to perform can be a daunting task for adults let alone for young students. In Theatre Minors we help them build the self-confidence they need to get up in front of an audience. A skill that will serve them well their whole lives! Through acting out stories, engaging in role-play and song and dance, the students get to flex their creativity and engage their imaginations.

You can find a full list of programs offered (including the new ones above, as well as many, many more) here. Welcome to the new school year – we cannot wait to start exploring together!