For Parents

Q: My child goes to the school’s daycare. Will the daycare staff pick him/her up after class?

A: Many of our students are also enrolled in the school’s daycare program. After class, the Explore It! instructor will walk the daycare students back to daycare.

Q: My child is Grade 1. I’m worried about him/her walking through the halls after school alone.

A: Just as regular classes are ending, Explore It! will staff pick up students in JK, SK and Grade 1 from their regular classrooms. We walk with them to the designated program classroom to ensure that all of the younger students are accounted for. Parents can request that we pick up a students of any age, however, we find that students in Grades 2 and up are comfortable moving through the school on their own. At the end of each class, ALL students must be signed out of the program by a parent (or other adult specified by parents) or the daycare. Each child is accounted for when arriving to the class as well as upon dismissal.

Q: Who teaches the programs?

A: All Explore It! programs are taught by responsible, professional instructors who have comprehensive backgrounds in the areas they teach.  Each of our instructors goes through our training program and is supported by a dedicated team. As well, for the safety of the students, each instructor undergoes a criminal background check. You can see many instructor bios on our website under the “Who We Are” section.

Q: What are your standard terms and conditions?

A:  We have similar policies to other child-centric organizations. Please click on the big ” terms and conditions” button below for details.



For Administrators

Q: The students in our school come from very diverse socio-economic backgrounds. Can we ensure that any student wanting to participate can?

A: We discretely offer bursaries for those students who are eager to participate but whose families may not be able to afford the programs. Full and partial bursaries are available depending on course enrollment.

Q: Do you have insurance?

A: Yes. Explore It! has insurance coverage for $5,000,000. We are happy to provide you with certificate naming the school or school board as additionally insured.

Q: How will you know what courses to offer in our school?

A: Every school is different. Courses that work in one school may not work in another. There are several ways to gauge interest in our programs. We can survey a selection of students, survey parents, discuss the programs with parent councils, or administrators can simply decide which programs they feel the students would benefit most from. The decision is yours.

Q: These programs look great! What do we do now?

A: Give us a call at 416. 417. 0477 to discuss how we can implement our programs in your school.

We look forward to speaking with you!


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