Happy 100 Day!

Today – April 9 – marks the 100th day of 2020. We thought it might be nice to mark the occasion, and to reflect on what we’re grateful for, what we miss with the realities of social distancing, what makes us smile in these trying times, and what unites us, despite the darkness. We encourage you to do the same at home – it’s not making it to 100 that matters, it’s that you stop, sit, reflect and communicate with those around you. Take the time to say “thank you” for the little things and to express your gratitude for all that is positive in your life right now – you’ll be amazed every time you put active, thoughtful positivity out into the world, to see it come back to you, amplified over and over again.

From our home to yours, in this time when we’re all trying to figure out what to do to stay occupied and engaged, we hope you’ll post your finished (or unfinished!) lists on Instagram and tag us (@exploreitallinc) so we can enjoy with you!

Stay safe and stay healthy — we hope to see you all again in programs very, very soon.

Happy 100 Day to everyone!


100 Things That Make Us Smile:

1. Being proudly Canadian.

2. A sunny day.

3. A hot cup of coffee.

4. Emails from students (and parents) wishing us well and missing our programs.

5. Waking up with the sound of birds announcing spring is here.

6. Technology allowing us to easily see and communicate with friends and family – even though we can’t be with them in person.

7. Preparing and eating dinner at home, every evening with family.

8. Teachers doing their best to provide online learning to students at home.

9. Seeing our garden seeds spout – and having the time and energy to tend to them properly.

10. Hopeful plans for a normal-ish summer.

11. Friends CONSTANTLY reminding us to hold ourselves high – we’re all in this together.

12. Our furry friends reminding us that love is all we need.

13. Walks.

14. Warm days with beautiful spring breezes.

15. Learning. Because there is SO much to learn and explore right now!

16. Sleeping in – just because we can.

17. Dog walks – for all the fresh air and safe distance socializing.

18. Being – at a safe social distance – with friends.

19. Netflix/Amazon Prime/Apple TV/Disney+ and on and on and on… come on – we’re all doing it.

20. A well timed cocktail (or mocktail!).

21. The built in auto-support of family.

22. Family and friend check ins by phone, text, email or even drive-bys (and safe-distance visiting), just to remind us that we’re all in it – everything – together.

23. Any TV channel that isn’t talking about COVID-19 24-7. We’re taking this seriously, but we need a break once in a while!

24, The promise of summer cottaging.

25. Seeing more of our families.

26. BBQ.

27. Realizing that we miss (and love) being surrounded by loads of small inquisitive children – and knowing we’ll be so happy when we get to go back to work.

28. Being able to continue to work – in any capacity.

29. A sense of an ongoing community – through organizations like church, neighbourhoods, family and friends.

30. Spring Ontario produce starting to arrive in the stores.

31. Our good health – something we admit now we’ve taken for granted in the past.

32. Having a safe place to call home every day and night.

33. Clubs, groups and organizations (choir, yoga, sports teams etc.) that help keep us grounded and give us things to do.

34. Always having food on the table.

35. Music.

36. Online meetups with students and co-workers.

37. The realization of what a gift public libraries are – and the hope that we’ll be able to visit them again soon!

38. Online video coffee breaks… these might need to become a regular and ongoing occurrence.

39. The internet – and easy access to it.

40. Looking forward to simple things returning – like standing in a line in a grocery store without self-consciously measuring the distance between yourself and another person.

41. Brownies. And cookies. And fresh baked bread. And cupcakes. And butter tarts. And ice cream.

42. Knowing that it’s okay to gain a little “COVID-weight” … because happy, satiated bodies make for happy minds.

43. Clean water.

44. The knowledge (or realization) that we are each strong in our own right.

45. Kind strangers… a smile and a warm “hello” go a long way right now.

46, Opportunities – past, present and future – and being able to act on them.

47. Bubble baths… indulgent ones.

48. At home date nights with a friend or more-than-friend.

49. Quiet moments of peaceful solitude.

50. Nice neighbours.

51. Teamwork.

52. Spell check.

53. Wearing comfortable clothes. Every. Day.

54. Generosity – in any form.

55. Open mindedness.

56. A clean house – every day.

57. Best friends.

58. The ability – and right – to express ourselves.

59. Laughter.

60. The right to freedom of religion/politics/beliefs/speech.

61. Mistakes – for all they teach us.

62. Time. And the ability to enjoy the gift of time we’ve been given in the midst of all that is happening.

63. Books.

64. Art.

65. Courage – it’s in us all.

66. The first 5 minutes in the morning and the last 5 minutes before sleep.

67. Hugs.

68. Hope.

69. A steady mind.

70. Emotions.

71. Feeling full after a stunning meal.

72. The ability to reflect.

73. Instagram/Pinterest/Facebook etc. You know you’re happy they exist!

74. Patience.

75. Hobbies.

76. Chocolate.

77. Developing truly healthy and positive daily routines that – we hope – we can carry forward in life.

78. Honesty.

79. Mornings without alarms.

80. Fine wine and/or a cold beer.

81. Positive feedback from a friend or colleague.

82. Genuinely cheerful people.

83. All the spices from around the world currently in our cupboards that we may have otherwise taken for granted.

84. Memories and dreams.

85. Looking forward to reunions. Soon we hope.

86. Compassion.

87. Fresh flowers.

88. Feeling productive.

89. Having the luxury of time to rest.

90. Having access to really good healthcare.

91. Parents. Or aunts/uncles. Or mentors. Anyone you can call when you need a budge of direction or advice.

92. Imagination.

93. Birthdays – because celebrations are where it’s at.  

94. The simple ability to be grateful for so many things.

95. The capacity to learn.

96. Love.

97. Knowing that today will give us more strength and perspective to appreciate tomorrow.

98. The people working so hard on the front-lines right now to keep us safe and cared for.

99. The security (so easily taken for granted most of the time) that is just a given being Canadian.

100. The simple ability to be grateful for so many things.